Karthik Reddy

Managing Partner at Blume Ventures

Featured Session

Fireside Chat with Rajan Anandan & Karthik Reddy

Catch Karthik Reddy live at EngageMint 2018, Mumbai on March 13 as he hosts a discerning Fireside Chat with Google India & SE Asia VP, Rajan Anandan. If you put two industry leaders on the same table, amazing things are bound to come out of it. We just can't wait to grab a piece of their minds!

Fireside Chat with Rajan Anandan & Karthik Reddy

When you put two industry stalwarts on the same table, interesting things are bound to happen. A fiery session loaded with key insights into entrepreneurship, customer success and building lasting brands – this will undoubtedly be the most insightful segment of the conference!