Vikalp Sahni

CTO at Goibibo

One of the leading tech entrepreneurs of India, Vikalp Sahni is a founding member of Goibibo and the Ibibo Group. A technologist at heart, Vikalp has over 10 years of experience in building scalable front-end to back-end infrastructures, large Crawl platforms, big data platforms and intelligent extraction algorithms.

He started his career as a Software Engineer with IBM post his B.Tech from NIT, Silchar and soon moved on to helm one of the largest travel tech companies of India. He’s currently heading the Ibibo Group as Director of Engineering and is the CTO of Goibibo.

Backed by Naspers, Goibibo is one of the fastest growing travel aggregators of India. Its latest customer experience breakthrough – making it possible for users to select their flight seats using a heart emoticon layout through Whatsapp, comes backed by smart tech spearheaded by Vikalp. Goibibo’s solution to high funnel dropouts, post booking tickets has already led to an upliftment of 5x in their conversion rates. And this marriage between product engineering and customer engagement is what will drive many more online businesses ahead. Need we say more?

Here’s what Vikalp Sahni has to say about his experience at the first edition of EngageMint:

Featured Session

Retentioneering Masterclass: The Goibibo Story

Catch Vikalp Sahni at EngageMint 2018, Mumbai on March 13 as he hosts a session on how evolving customer behaviour and expectations are increasingly blurring the lines between product engineering and retention. If you’re from the school of thought which believes that customer retention is strictly a marketer’s domain, then a piece from Vikalp’s hands-on experience will surely give you a lot to think about!

Key Takeaways