Retentioneering Masterclass: The Goibibo Story

WebEngage’s flagship conference; EngageMint, 2018, Mumbai was held on March 13 and we are extremely grateful to our wonderful speakers for their support. Attended by 75+ CEOs, CMOs and Founders, it was a day long, closed conference, with sessions, workshops, panel discussions centred around customer engagement, retention and achieving sustainable growth.

We had the pleasure of having Vikalp Sahni, CTO at Goibibo, be an integral part of the first edition of EngageMint as a speaker. He presented an insightful talk on how the marriage of product engineering and customer retention strategies is going to be the driving force for digital startups.

So, what is retentioneering?

The term retentioneering is a combination of two words – retention and engineering. Coined in the Silicon Valley, it’s a recognition of the fact that customer retention needs to be an integral part of any company’s product and growth strategy to achieve real, sustainable growth. Digital startups and businesses around the world have now come to realise that the ability of their product to keep users engaged over long periods of time is the biggest driver of long-term growth. In this sense, retentioneering is similar to growth hacking, with it’s key differentiator being a heavy focus on customer retention.

“Invest on users and their network. It’s an effective way to build trust, drive referrals and create personalised experiences.” – Vikalp Sahni

Watch this video for key insights into the Goibibo story of building sticky products via retentioneering: 

P.S – Vikalp Sahni is big ‘Breaking Bad’ fan and his entire session was inspired by the TV series!

More session videos from the first edition of EngageMint: 

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