Rahul Ganjoo

VP Product at Zomato

An alumni of BITS Pilani, Rahul started his career with Wipro technologies as a Business Analyst. His tech background and keen sense of building intuitive customer experiences fueled his journey to becoming a key member of Twitter’s tech team before he moved to Snapdeal. After spending sometime enhancing the customer experience on Snapdeal’s different platforms, he joined Zomato as VP of Product – joining them on their journey to dominating the food industry.

Most growing companies focus on acquisition as a means to drive growth. But Zomato did something different. They chose to incorporate retention strategies early-on into their product – a difference which has made them one of the leading restaurant discovery apps in the world. Treading the path less taken is not an easy task, but Zomato’s story is a clear indicator of the increasing importance of retention marketing in the food business.

Here’s what Rahul Ganjoo has to say about the first edition of EngageMint:

Featured Session

Skyrocketing Growth via Retention: The Zomato Story

Catch Rahul in action at EngageMint 2018, Mumbai on March 13 as he takes us through the Zomato story of retention, growth and all the obstacles they faced in scaling to millions of daily active users. If you thought retention was all about good messaging and contextual engagement, then this session will empower you with a new perspective and the means to act upon it.

Key Takeaways