Sarah Jones’, Founder & CEO at Sprii, fireside chat hosted by Avlesh was pretty interesting as it revealed the consumer behavior and their buying pattern in the GCC region.

“Localization works in the GCC region as it is filled with mixed nationalities, different people and diverse preferences.”

Sarah shared her journey of starting Sprii – how she accurately dissected the market and got moms engaged with Sprii. She also spoke about how being on the ground and interacting with her audiences brought in a wave of enhancement in the business.

Sarah revealed an amazing learning from her experience in the past – in a fragmented market like MENA or GCC, it is very important for marketers and experts to be on the ground and know the customers thoroughly.

The fireside chat included diverse topics from user engagement, experience to retaining them and enhancing the CLTV. Building strong retention strategies to generate optimum revenue was an important topic under focus as well including:

  • Why establishing a strong relationship with your users is the key to growth in a sensitive and competitive market like the GCC region or MENA
  • What is the actual importance of experimentation for success
  • How delivering great customer experience can help you retain customers and build advocacy
  • Why businesses should aim for localization in diverse markets
  • What are your customers’ preferred communication channels and how you can get them excited to buy your product/service’

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