This session completely stood out as Chris Adams, CTO at eDataSource, was all charged to share exclusive insights, actionable strategies and all things email marketing! Chris believes that Statista is 100% correct when it projected – 333 billion will be the daily number of emails sent and received by 2022. Startled?

“Your emails are useless if they don’t make it to the inbox.”

Chris made the best use of his session to educate the attendees about the top 10 powerful ways to ensure your email reaches your customers’ inbox. Here’s the rundown:

10. Make sure your IP address has an identity (IP warming)

9. Ensure your sending domains don’t have an identity crisis

8. Consistent send volumes make a difference

7. Make sure you have confirmed opt-ins

6. Protect your reputation (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

The best part about Chris’ session were the analogies he used to explain every point and the special emphasis he laid on the top 5 ways. Get the best of this session by watching the video.

Chris also covered some vital points every business should keep in mind while doing email marketing:

  • How understanding the different facets of consumer behavior in the GCC region helps in boosting sales
  • What are the effective email strategies
  • The importance of maintaining the hygiene factors of email marketing
  • Which are the most efficient tools for email marketing
  • Why purchasing email lists is a big no

One of India’s largest OTA, Goibibo, witnessed a stark improvement of 11% in their conversions by sending hyper-personalized emails to their database. Here’s how they did it.