EngageMint 2019’s panel discussion hosted by Rajesh Bysani was a blast as retention experts from different industries (OTA, entertainment, eCommerce) came together to discuss one common agenda every business prioritizes – driving brand loyalty.

The panelists discussed a wide range of topics from GDP to data analysis to retention and user engagement. Some of the most interesting thoughts expressed were:

“Data mining is crucial and marketers require data miners to tell what’s best.” – Sepehr Hosseini Marketing Automation Master at Alibaba Travels

“Try to segment users on the basis of a very simple model – RFM – recency, frequency and monetary position.” – Aymane Sennousi, Head of Product & Growth at Kitab Sawti

“Balance the data that you see on your platforms with going out and talking to your customers directly.” – Hamad Malik, CMO at Starz Play

“There is nothing natural about retention in the travel space. One thing to focus upon is DELIGHT to foster brand loyalty.” – Albert Dias, Co-founder & CPTO, Musafir.com

The expert panelists touched upon various key points that circled around using hyper-personalization as a main ingredient for delivering exceptional customer experiences. They also discussed:

  • Why designing end-to-end customer journeys is important for smart users in the GCC region
  • How personalization promotes better sales and increases brand loyalty
  • What kind of retention strategies work for better customer experiences
  • Why businesses should focus on retention more than acquisition today and what works and doesn’t when it comes to multi-channel marketing in the GCC region
  • What are the top ways to drive brand loyalty and establish user engagement in the age of digitalization

If you want to crack the code of user engagement in 2020 then, targeting the bottom of the funnel is key. Know more.