EngageMint 2019, Dubai kickstarted with a spectacular keynote addressed by Avlesh Singh, Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage.

The problem of user retention is complicated. Most brands don’t know where to begin.

He commenced with a powerful video ‘Rise of Nations’ which highlighted the ease marketing automation brings to consumers and how bright the industry’s future is. He then virtually painted the entire journey of WebEngage so far and spoke about how marketing automation strongly supports consumer businesses in the GCC region. Additionally, he mentioned about the ever-growing and dynamic WebEngage community of over 1200 businesses, industry stalwarts and retention experts. Towards the end, Avlesh unveiled an exclusive 3-dimensional concise report on the B2C user engagement in the GCC region. The report comprises detailed insights about:

  1. The best time to engage with the GCC consumers
  2. The most preferred communication channels
  3. Which kind of content consumers like to read and much more.

You can download your copy of the report here.

Avlesh also spoke about:

  • Why retention marketing is very important for consumer businesses.
  • The impact user engagement has on brand loyalty, advocacy, and revenue.
  • How to fill in the market gaps with the right skill set to solve complicated user retention issues.
  • Why email still continues to be ageless.
  • The importance of data for effective marketing across all communication channels