About EngageMint Awards

Asia’s largest retention marketing awards are back with a bang!

In a world filled with stiff competition and impersonal relationships - personalised product experiences designed to help retain your customers are critical for your business growth.

The EngageMint awards’ sole intent is to recognize and acknowledge finest industry professionals who keep user experience at the heart of their business strategy. So, here are the well-deserved winners of EngageMint Awards 2019, Dubai.

To add on to the excitement, we’re introducing a brand new segment to our awards section this year!

Introducing WebEngage Partner Awards 2019, Dubai

For us, partnership is not just about strategic alliance in fact, it is an important element to build parallel growth avenues and deliver more value to our shared customers.

A WebEngage super partner is the one who, aims to widen the market reach and the one who thoroughly excels in clients’ growth. So, here’s a huge cheer for our super partners who took the 2019 WebEngage super partner trophies home!