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What is EngageMint?

At EngageMint, we strongly believe that by equipping professionals like you with the right set of tools and strategies, we can initiate a massive shift in the way businesses think about growth, product experiences, customer retention and everything else in between.

With each edition of EngageMint, we intend to institutionalize a space where knowledge is imparted, learnings are exchanged and fresh ideas are born.

EnagageMint 2019, Dubai: Things To Expect

Attend EngageMint conference at Dubai to experience the best action plans and strategies from experts and brands you love.

Inspirational Content

Hear the latest big ideas, industry innovations and much more from our speakers and get inspired to transform your brand’s product experience and engagement.

Actionable Education

Learn actionable growth marketing tips, effective retention hacks and more in the fireside chats, panel discussions, and workshops to supercharge your marketing strategy.

Great Networking

Foster human connections, meet new mentors, thought leaders, friends or top marketing practitioners during ample networking opportunities and get inspired.

Terrific Parties

Enjoy fantastic cocktails and sway to the LIVE music at MusicMint! Savor a relaxed, fun-filled musical evening with like-minded marketing professionals and industry leaders!