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Naman is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Product Manager, and Growth Marketer having straddled multiple roles in his illustrious career. Currently, Naman is busy building his second entrepreneurial venture, a lead-generation software that crowdsources leads for business and simplifies lead generation issues. He has successfully built and sold a previous venture FindYogi and has also helped build Freecharge from its first user to the first 100k users.

Having seen both sides of the business closely, Naman has also served as a consultant to businesses and helps them find a perfect balance between their product and marketing on the online domain.

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Naman's Session at EngageMint

Psychological Hacks for Effective Product Communication

Catch Naman in his foot-stompingly hilarious and deeply insightful take on product marketing, branding and how brands exploit psychological factors of consumer behavior to elicit a positive business response from consumers.