Psychological Hacks for Effective Product Communication

Naman Sarawagi

Naman Sarawagi

Founder at

Naman’s session on product communication was exceptionally insightful, yet extremely witty. Drawing on his significant experience of building businesses and growing them multi-fold, Naman held the crowd’s attention with the liberal use of real-life examples to demonstrate modern day marketing, and how digital marketers are in the business of selling hope rather than a physical product or service. His delightful session included topics like:

— Understanding what marketing is, and how digital is permeating into every household
— What factors constitute a brand?
— The 7 sins that every marketer commits to achieve business growth
— Why creating compelling content is necessary to grow
— Reducing product fear by incorporating predictability
— Thinking like a user to make the brand journey seamless
— Deliver the product’s USP effectively and consistently delivered builds trust

Check out Naman’s offbeat but highly informative take on modern-day product communication below: