Jonathan Bill

Co-Founder / CEO at CreditMate

About The Speaker

Originally from the UK, Jonathan Bill refers to himself as an India migrant having spent the last several years in India in multiple roles. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Creditmate, a fintech platform that is focussed on offering loans to acquire 2-wheelers in India. Prior to this, Jonathan has been involved heavily in Entrepreneur with multiple ventures in India. Before the start of his entrepreneurial career, Jonathan served as the SVP of Internet services and Innovation in Vodafone India and was responsible for several crucial changes in India’s telecom sector.

Here’s what Jonathan had to say about EngageMint:

Jonathan's Session at EngageMint

The Evolution of Customer Experiences in Fintech

Check out the intense panel discussion between our panelists (Jonathan Bill, Nihit Nirmal, Pravin Jadhav) hosted by Ankur Gattani as they discuss the state of user engagement in the Fintech industry today, and the direction in which it is headed.