Cashing in on a Customer-first Approach to Drive Growth: The ZestMoney Story

Lizzie Chapman

Lizzie Chapman

Co-Founder & CEO at ZestMoney

Lizzie’s session brought a fresh perspective on looking at the Indian consumer market for internet businesses. She feels that being extremely customer-centric is key to winning the Indian market, and gives us a look into how she and her team grew Zestmoney without spending big bucks on paid advertising. Her session includes points like:

— Building a relationship with your users/customers is key for growing in a competitive market
— Building something unique for India for the fintech market to ensure success
— The importance of experimentation for finding success
— A/B testing product flows to get the perfect fit
— Importance of educating users about your product
— Creating human touchpoint to be closer to on-ground reality
— Thinking like your consumer is important to grow faster than your competition

Take a look at Lizzie’s full session video from EngageMint right here: