Gaming Your Way to Retention: The Play Games24x7 Story

Sachin Uppal

Sachin Uppal

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Play Games24x7 Pvt. Ltd

Sachin has been surfing the waves of growth since quite some time, and has seen the rise of Play Games24x7 first hand. In his extensive experience, he has come to believe that retention is absolutely critical for business growth. His session was a smorgasbord of different observations and insights about retention marketing that have been driving his brand towards success. Here are a few things that he touches upon in his speech:

— Why retention strategy has been at the core of Play Games24x7’s marketing plan right since the beginning
— From an excel sheet to a 25-member team, how retention as a function has grown for the brand
— Maintaining the balance between acquisition and retention
— The secrets behind creating a retention strategy that drives growth + revenue exponentially
— Top retention tactics that can be applied to your business

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