What is EngageMint All About?

It’s a Platform That Brings Thought Leaders Together

Launched in March 2018, EngageMint is a platform that brings together marketers and product managers from across Asia, passionate about one thing - giving their customers the ‘aha’ experiences they deserve. At EngageMint, we strongly believe that by equipping professionals with the right set of tools and strategies, we can initiate a massive shift in the way businesses think about growth, product experiences, customer retention and everything else in between.

Thus, with each edition of EngageMint we intend to institutionalize a space where knowledge is imparted, learnings are exchanged and ideas are born.. All our sessions are designed to present insights that resonate with real-life engagement and retention challenges so that you can implement these learning as soon as you get back to work!

Hosted with love by WebEngage, on December 6, 2018 we look forward to bringing together a community of professionals from the Ed-tech, Fintech, E-commerce and Retail industry so that they can learn, get inspired and grow their businesses the right way - through retention. Guided by our ‘Stop Marketing, Start Engaging’ ethos, this edition will take you on a remarkable journey of blurring the lines between product, marketing and technology.

The Theme: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging

At WebEngage, we work closely with hundreds of customers on a daily basis, helping them streamline their customer engagement efforts. Over the years, we have learnt that the most efficient growth strategy is one that is guided by a customer first mindset.

However, most businesses overlook the impact loyal customers can have on their revenues and brand image in the long-term. Instead they choose to focus on short-term monetary gains afforded by an acquisition heavy strategy. Throw in the elements of a massive knowledge-gap, misinformation and siloed organizational structures to this mix, it becomes almost impossible for professionals to gauge the massive impact a customer-first strategy can have on their business.

Marketer: "Is building customer loyalty a slow and intense process?"
Us: Yes. But once a repeat customer know how much you really care about their needs, they're likely to spend 2x more than a newly acquired user!

Marketer: "But how do you even begin to tell a million customers how much you care about them?"

Marketer: "Wait, isn't that what 'customer retention' is all about?" ABSOLUTELY YES!
Us: Customer retention is the purest form of growth. It's a clear indicator of how much your users value your product/services.And in today's hyper-competitive digital space, acing customer retention is your only shot at long-term growth.

Thus, the theme of our conference, 'Stop Marketing, Start Engaging' is a small step towards placing customer retention at the core of all business strategies. With the second edition of EngageMint, we intend to bridge the knowledge-gap between customer expectations and consumer businesses, helping the latter create lasting relationships.

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